Affiliate Program

What is it?

Simply put, we pay you to advertise for us! A nice juicy 5% too! Its an easy process too.

  1. Sign up with us as an affiliate
  2. Once approved, login and grab your unique URL
  3. Share that URL around however you wish
  4. Every time somebody buys an item from your link we pay 5% of the transaction value into your affiliate account
  5. Once your account reaches £20 minimum balance we transfer that amount to your PayPal every 30 days

It really is that simple. Click the "How does it look" tab to see how the affiliate control panel looks.

If you just want to get involved hit the button below!

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How does it look?

  • Firstly you will drop into the very simple signup page below.

  • Once approved you will see your dashboard and the all important unique URL. Anybody making a purchase within 24 hours of visiting your unique referral link will count as YOUR order and you will be credited for it.

  • From the orders page you will be able to see all the orders that were made using your referral link. We use a 3rd party for our affiliate program to ensure it is all 100% transparent on who ordered through your link so there is no foul play you can see exactly what is happening! 

  • There will be a media repository in the control panel as well as a Whatsapp group where all affiliates can chat and get media files to share. We don't want you guys to have to work hard for this, we want you to get paid using the social media following you have already worked hard for!

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Where do I sign!?

If you haven't figured it out already all you need to do is hit the big orange button below, fill in a short form and get sharing that URL!

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